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    H Resort

    About H Resort

    H Resort, located in Shizi Township, Pingtung County, stands by the Ping-E Highway, looking out to sea and nestled amongst the mountains, occupies an expansive space of 9.9 hectares, and features a unique exterior design. With lush green forests and mountains as the backdrop and azure blue ocean in the front, H Resort is a top-end landscape holiday inn offering the highest and most beautiful views in all of the Hengchun Peninsula.

    Given exclusive geographic advantages, H Resort comprises 126 exquisite guest rooms of all varieties, each with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out to sea, along with a simplistic and elegant interior design laced with ingenuity everywhere. Rooms are equipped with phones for direct international calls, free broadband Internet access, mini bars, multi-channel LCD TVs, safes, bathtubs, separated shower rooms and luxury toiletries to satisfy all needs and to create a relaxing comfy atmosphere.

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    Infinity Pool

    Come and experience the infinite varieties in nature; the pool surface extends to merge with the surface of the sea as your body, mind and soul unwind completely.

    Air Corridor

    Located on 2F at H Resort, Air Corridor leads to the UFO Lounge. Take a stroll in this romantic air corridor and feel the intricate changes of light and shadows as the sun beams on this space.

    Happy World

    Located on B1,
    Happy World offers all kinds of carefully-designed private booths with KTV singing and AV facilities and dining services.

    Moon Star

    Moon Star is located
    at a unique vantage point where you can see clouds pass through and admire the back garden of Kenting.

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